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Microsoft Forefront helps deliver end-to-end security and access to information through an integrated line of protection, access, and identity management products.

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Windows Defender is software that helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software by detecting and removing known spyware from your computer. Windows Defender features Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it's detected, minimizes interruptions, and helps you stay productive.

Microsoft System Security Tools: Assess vulnerabilities and strengthen security with these tools and technologies

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Symantec Security Check

Symantec Virus Scan

SpyBot Search & Destroy


Google Desktop Tool

Symantec Virus Removal Tool

Cisco Tools & Resources

Cable Speed Test

Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS

Advanced Tool - NsLookup - Query the DNS for resource records

The network location tool is a utility that approximates and displays the geophysical location of your network address on a Google Map

Domain name search tool; allows wildcard search of current, deleted/expired whois domains and dns tools.

DriveImage XML enables you create a complete backup image of any logical drive or partition, allowing to to restore your entire operating system along with installed programs, user settings, registry and all.

Uranium Backup Free is a personal backup tool that enables you to backup your data to local drives, network drives or external USB/Firewire drives.

QuickTime Player’s simple and clean interface gets out of the way, letting your audience focus on your message, rather than advertisements from other parties.

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DivX Player HD

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe ShockWave Player

Adobe Air