TIST Center views careful design as crucial to the realization of an effective network. Systems designed by TIST Center run smoothly and efficiently because our staff takes a proactive approach to problem solving and preventing costly down time. We focus on finding the most effective ways to apply technology toward solving your business needs.
Because of our experience and comfort in both the voice and data worlds, our consultants are able to work with vendors throughout the telecommunications and information technology fields. Each computer consultant on our staff is trained to help you integrate the overlapping product lines from the converging voice and data industries. This allows TIST Center to provide you with the best overall solution for your organization.
The development of a customized technology plan will help to identify, justify and document ways to improve your business through technology. Analyzing your business processes and goals, understanding the technologies available to your business and aligning them with your processes allows you to increase revenues and decrease costs.
Our technology assessment services begin with a thorough review of departmental goals pertaining to technology needs. Based upon our findings we prepare a report summarizing technology objectives of the organization. During the technology evaluation phase we inspect your existing voice and data equipment, the network configuration, and the voice and data connectivity services being provided by long distance and Internet carriers.